Why Your Skin Loves Sulfur, But Your Nose Doesn’t

by | Mar 1, 2018

When you hear sulfur, your first instinct is to hold your nose and withdraw, right? Who can blame you? Sulfur is well-known for its putrid properties, drawing to mind rotten eggs, gas leaks, and gassy puppy butts. But did you know sulfur is actually amazing for your skin? This war of the nose and skin has some fascinating players.

Sulfur & Your Nose

Sulfur is notorious for its stinky smell, but why is it that our noses are so primed against it? Well, hydrogen sulfide gas and our noses have evolved together, in a sense. Our odor receptors, being supercharged by copper, are just really good at detecting even trace amounts, and so our olfactory sense latches on to that scent, amplifying the eggy smell for us.

Sulfur & Your Skin

A smelly mineral, for sure, but a mineral nonetheless, and mineral-based products are gaining in popularity for skincare for good reason. Sulfur, in particular, can work in two main functions: anti-aging the skin and killing acne bacteria. These two properties can lead to some pretty incredible skin results.

In the anti-aging field, sulfur is actually an important part of our natural production of collagen, which, sadly, breaks down as we age. Replenishing collagen with sulfur increases elasticity and prevents sagging skin and noticeable wrinkles.

Sulfur is great at busting up bacteria, which goes a long way towards not only youthful skin but also acne prevention. It is also a keratolytic, which pretty much means that it encourages shedding of top layers of dead skin, thereby helping to keep pores unclogged and so acne-free.

It is also a gentle mineral, meaning it won’t irritate sensitive skin. It prohibits bacteria from growing and taking hold, without aggravating the skin with chemicals or anything heavy-handed.

Putting Sulfur to Use

Sulfur properties are best absorbed into the skin to fight against oiliness, open pores, attack whiteheads, and clean that bacteria. Jericho’s Active Sulphur Soap is an excellent mineral based product to get the job done.

So next time you hear the word “sulfur” and feel your nose start to wrinkle, change your mind instead and remember all the ways this miracle mineral can do wonders for your skin!