5 Short Skincare Routines to Do While Doing Chores

by | Jan 10, 2019

It’s the season to… Multitask! While your holiday comes to a close, you can squeeze in some much-needed skincare while you take down your decorations and put those presents away.

Moisturize While Merrymaking

The best part about a facial moisturizer is that you can quite literally set it and forget it! Once you have applied it to your skin, it does all the work for you. A product such a Jericho’s Moisturizing DayCream requires very little effort on your part – simply remove your makeup and smear on the moisturizer and it hydrates and revitalizes while you stir in the chocolate chips.

The Masks, The Merrier

The beauty guru world is always in love with a good mask. They’re fun, they’re functional and they have the ability to let you go about your life while they sit on your face. Whether it is a mud mask (like Jericho’s Active Mud Mask) or a sheet mask or one of those fun peel-off ones, you can put them on and then have anywhere from 10 – 20  minutes to do something else (read: like the batter spoon.)

Brighten the Skin

Similar to a moisturizer, a facial brightening serum works best when you put it on and leave it alone. Apply a little under the eyes or go crazy and brighten the whole face, your serum asks only to be applied while you can scoop and bake.

Do a Peel

Get rid of dead skin cells when you put the cookies into the oven. Apply the gel to your face and massage it in, scoop out the cookies onto a baking sheet, put them in the oven and set the timer and you can walk away and wipe it off while the baking happens.

Get a Jump on the Night

Be a step ahead of your nightly skincare routine and put your night cream on a little early. To feel hydrated and rejuvenated, cookie baking affords you the perfect opportunity to start the night early! After the mixing is done and the baking has begun, slather on that night cream and soak up a few extra hours of nourishment.