Why you Should Purify your Water for Beautiful Skin

by | Sep 1, 2018

Water, water everywhere – and, for glowing, flawless skin, your body needs those drops purified! For clean health, skin, and a routine, it follows that you would need to use fresh water as well, right? Water is involved in not only wiping the makeup from our faces and the grime from our bodies but very much so in cell growth and regeneration, so, from the outside in; it would follow that we would want our water to be free of contaminants.

Hydration is Key

You, of course, know the drill – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It is common knowledge that keeping fluids from your body leads to dull and dry skin – rather quickly, too. By drinking water, you not only stay moisturized, you actually flush out toxins from your system. And while you are purging those impurities, you do not want to be adding other contaminants right back in.

Purifying your water before drinking it will remove the unwanted things from rusty pipes, pesticide runoff, etc. and ensure you aren’t putting things into your body that will actually dull your skin and work against the skin’s purification process.

Chlorine: The Silent Skin Glow Killer

While not only is drinking purified water important but washing up with it make a huge difference as well. Chlorine, while not inherently a bad thing, is used in public water supplies to kill bacteria and germs (hooray!) but actually has negative consequences for our skin. It strips our body’s natural protective oils, causing rough, coarse skin and skin that is, therefore, more prone to signs of aging and breakouts.

Without a purification system in place, plain tap water is quite harsh on your skin. While it does the trick at removing daily dirt, it will usually end up removing much more than planned and can act as an irritant, while simultaneously drying out your face, your hands, etc. By avoiding “hard” water and all the unnecessarily high levels of mineral buildup found in it, you will be saving your skin from unexpected harshness, unwanted chemicals, and unnatural and opposite effects of what we think and hope we are getting from clear, sweet water.