Tips to Soothe Your Itchy Beard

by | Jun 11, 2018

Scratch, scratch, scratch. Are you experiencing the itch? When it comes to growing a beard or maintaining stubble, millions of men deal with the itchy hairs or itchy skin. Rather than spending the entire day trying to soothe it by scratching it periodically, let’s talk about why it happens and how you can deal with it!

When it comes to facial hair, you’ll find that men indulge in many different styles. When it comes to mustaches, you’ll find the chevron, Dali, or English. Besides these popular styles, you’ll always find the classic beard.

Everyone can’t grow a beard, but for the men who can, they’d probably agree on one thing, it’s itchy! They might spend days or even weeks dealing with the itchiness that comes with growing or having a beard, but they don’t have to! There are a few steps you can take if you want to soothe your itchy beard.

A simple reason as to why you might be experiencing itchiness in your beard is because you might’ve shaved it. While this can easily lead to razor burn and itchiness, we’d recommend the Jericho Aftershave Balm to give you some relief. Another reason you might be experiencing an itchy beard could be because of the way your razor cuts the hairs. Since razors cut the hair at an angle, it leaves a pointed tip beneath the surface. As this sharp tip pushes through the skin, this causes itchiness and irritation.

Washing your beard should come as often as washing your hair, BUT rather than always sticking to shampoo and conditioner, start focusing more on conditioner. Sometimes the hair growing out of your beard can be thick and coarse, but focusing on conditioner will smooth and soften the hairs, leading to less irritation against your skin.

Last, but not least, another staple you should have is beard oil. This will not only help moisturize your beard hairs, but it will help moisturize the skin underneath. Argan oil is an amazing product for hair, so look for beard oils where this as the main ingredient!

Whether you prefer to keep your beard low and shaved or thick and thriving, most men have to deal with itchy beards at one point in time. Don’t let the itch get to you! Rather than scratching constantly, take these steps to make sure the itch stays away!