These Ingredients Will Help Banish Bumps From Your Bikini Area

by | Aug 27, 2018

Oh, summer, how we love you, indeed we do. Time for sun for swimming and for busting out our cutest bikinis. The downside? The bikini area upkeep – not only the repetitive shaving or waxing itself, but the marks of its handiwork it leaves behind: those annoying, raised bumps from your razor or your wax and almost unavoidable ingrown hairs that follow. They are irritating, no doubt, and any girl will attest they ruin the nice clean, smooth bikini line we work so hard to maintain.

All-natural ingredients, then, come to the rescue! An exfoliant can help smooth and calm the irritation. A mixture of coffee grounds and coarse sugar makes an excellent paste to rub on the affected area. Use a slow, up-and-down method rather than intense circular motions as this will help eliminate dead skin and will keep the hair in its natural growth grain so as not to mess you up further down the line and cause even more hitches for future shaving.

Dead Sea salts are also excellent candidates for refreshing and smooth exfoliation. A sea salt exfoliant that is also paraben-free and all-natural will work wonders to refresh your bikini line and leave it feeling much less irritated.

Tea tree oil is another excellent go to for applying on your bumpy bikini line. It is naturally antiseptic, and it will heal infections and calm inflammation, thereby reducing the appearance of those bumps. Another great natural product to use is one you probably already have in your home – apple cider vinegar! Having an acidity level similar to human skin, it can actually help to restore your bikini line own natural pH level which will prevent blistering. Make sure to dilute it first, though, before applying directly to your skin.

You know how when you get a sunburn, you slather on the aloe vera? Well, aloe vera is a moisturizer and an anti-irritant that can be used for more than just burns from the sun. Use a bit of this plant gel to soothe your bumpy skin and watch it settle back down in almost no time.