These Ingredients Make the Best Summer Skincare Cocktail Remedies

by | Jul 23, 2018

Love the skin you’re in! That can mean a lot of things, but this summer, we want you to take care of your skin! While it all seems like sunshine and sandy beaches, everyone needs to take the proper precautions to keep their skin thriving and surviving. If you want to make sure that you don’t end up a shriveled prune by the end of the summer, check out these skin-perfect ingredients.


If you’re coming up with the perfect skincare cocktail or remedy, there isn’t anything that is as important as SPF! Uncommonly referred to as “Sun Protection Factor,” SPF is the stronger barrier known to man that will protect you from the sun. While you can find many sunscreen products on the market, start looking for SPF in other products. If you’re a makeup wearer, you can easily find SPF in products like your primer or BB cream, so make sure you’re always protected.


One thing that happens often in the summer is sunburn. While the goal should always be to prevent sunburn, many people are forced to deal with it in the aftermath. The best remedy for this is aloe! This green plant produces a gel that’s extremely beneficial to the skin. Not only does it help heal but it also reduced inflammation. The next time your skin is feeling too hot from heat exposure, get some aloe!


Coconut oil is often looked upon as a jack of all trades, and there’s a reason for that! While this ingredient has many benefits to both heart health and skin health, we’re focusing on the latter, and not in the way we normally do! While many people are dealing with sun damage during the summer, tons of us are also dealing with those pesky mosquito bites. The next time your latest bite is bothering you, apply some coconut oil to help relieve the itching!


The next time you get sunburn during the summer months, you might be on the search for aloe. Before you find your keys to make a trip to the pharmacy, check your fridge. If you have an avocado, you’re in luck! While they’re delicious and nutritious, avocado can also help you with sun damage problems! With an important fat called polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols, avocado can help reduce inflammation on your skin.

The summer is supposed to be a time of sun and fun! Don’t let things like sunburn and bug bites slow you down!