The New Micellar Water Craze and All You Need to Know About it!

by | May 13, 2018

You’ve seen it everywhere lately – lining the shelves of pharmacies, shouting from TV commercials, and beckoning from beauty counters: micellar water. But just what is this trendy item and what does it do for your skin? We break down the basics of this beauty craze for you here.

The What

First things first – just what is micellar water, exactly? Turns out, it’s not that complicated or crazy. Micellar water is essentially tiny little balls of cleansing oil molecules that are suspended in water. They attract dirt, residue, and oil and so draw out skin impurities with ease and without drying it out like traditional soap and water does.

The Why

So why is this craze running so strong? The short of it is that people are loving a chemical-free, soft, hydrating, cleaner that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t break the bank. It is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a facial wash, as a safe makeup remover, and even as a moisturizer, all in one natural product.

It’s not only affordable and easily available, but a little goes a long way, making it an ideal cleanser to pack when vacationing or to keep on hand in your purse. And when you’re in an area where running water is not easily accessible – such as a summer camping trip – micellar water is ready to go.

It can remove almost a face full of makeup and a whole day’s worth of oil and grime buildup without being harsh on the skin, drying out the face, or leaving behind an icky, oily residue. It should be noted, however, that micellar water is not well suited for removing heavier makeups like thick foundations and waterproof mascaras, so for those you will still need a makeup remover to get the thick stuff off. Feel free to finish up with a micellar water to get the last bits of impurities off and leave yourself feeling fresh-faced and refreshed.

Finally, micellar water is especially beloved by those with dry or sensitive skin, as it won’t dry you out or irritate your skin, making it a winning product all around!