The Inside Scoop on Threading Your Bikini Area

by | Oct 27, 2018

Smooth as a baby’s bottom – that’s what all of us want, right? When it comes to our skin, not only do we want it to be free of bumps, but we all want to be hairless too! The hair on our bodies often seems like an unnecessary thing unless it’s on our head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. When the art of hair removal began, it started with shaving of areas like the armpits and legs. Soon, people graduated from shaving to waxing and this added areas like the upper lip and bikini area.

This eventually grew to include sugaring and laser as other methods of hair removal. What about the latest game changer? What about threading? While removing hair under the arms and on the legs has long been a norm, there’s been a growing trend of tending to the bikini area. This trend might’ve started with waxing, but now everyone’s wondering, “can we thread our bikini area?” Well, can you?

It’s time for a grammar lesson! Can you thread your bikini area? You definitely can but should you? Probably not! If you’re looking to be completely hairless as you sport a new bikini, threading is NOT the way to go.

Not only would the process take forever, but you can imagine the continual pain of having a few hairs ripped out at a time. If you want to complete the process, you’d need to start with sugaring or waxing. For those with sensitive skin, waxing definitely wouldn’t be an answer so sugaring would be the better option! And although threading might not be a great overall idea, it can definitely polish off the look of a hair-free bikini line!

Rather than using threading as a method for the entire area, use it for sparse hairs! They’re a great tool for cleaning up the area, but be mindful! In the process of threading, you’ll find that the person performing the service keeps a portion of the thread in their mouths which opens you up to bacteria and potential infections!

While you might feel fresh and smooth after a waxing/threading session, there’s still some maintenance you need to be mindful afterward. One, if the area feels irritated post-hair removal, use an ice pack or cold compress to help soothe it. Two, pulling the hair out from the root can make you susceptible to ingrown hairs so be sure to exfoliate the area to prevent this occasionally.

If all else fails and you no longer feel like dealing with the hair on your body, you’re only hundreds or thousands of dollars away from laser hair removal!