The Difference Between Microblading and Permanent Makeup

by | Oct 29, 2018

Are your eyebrows faint? Are you looking into getting with the trends for the feathered-brow look? Instead of this, you might be hoping to get a look of fuller brows if yours are naturally thin. If this is the case, there’s a chance you’ve come across the word “microblading.” In the beauty community, this word has come up within the last five years, and now everyone’s talking about it.

You’ve probably even seen some before and after pictures pop up on your social media accounts. Most people are talking about how microblading is the new “permanent” solution to having thin eyebrows, but what about permanent makeup? If you’re looking into all the options for getting your eyebrows done, here’s the lowdown on the difference between microblading and permanent makeup.

Before getting into the similarities and differences of both methods, let’s talk about who usually looks into them. Microblading is a procedure usually reserved for those who have thin eyebrow hairs or those who might like to change the shape of their eyebrows. Before going the route with microblading, some might try quick at-home remedies like applying castor oil to the area, which is a known stimulant for hair growth. While this doesn’t work for all, many often turn to microblading or permanent makeup to solve the problem for them. Now, what’s the difference?

While we usually like to give you an unbiased opinion, you’ll probably notice that permanent makeup isn’t our preferred method and here’s why! The very first difference between microblading and permanent makeup is that permanent makeup can be done on multiple areas of the face. You can have it done to your eyebrows while also having it “applied” on the lips as lipstick and the eyelids as eyeliner. The reason this is called permanent makeup is that it isjustlike a tattoo. Think of yourself as sitting down to get a tattoo.

Now imagine this being done to your eyebrows, eyes, and lips. While the pigmentation will definitely be there, getting your eyebrows put on permanently diminishes the option for them to make it look “natural.” Artists are unable to capture the different hair strokes with this process which might leave you with a “painted on” appearance.

Permanent makeup also opens you up to numerous things, similar to regular tattoos. When getting a tattoo, you need to watch out for infections, scarring, and keloids. While these are adverse reactions anywhere on the body, they’d be even worse in areas as sensitive as the eyes. Although there are permanent makeup options, microblading wouldn’t necessarily fall in this category.

Upon looking at a before and after picture or watching a procedure done, many believe that microblading is a permanent thing. It’s not. The process is what many would consider “semi-permanent.” When comparing the two methods for eyebrows, microblading is going to give you more room for error and won’t be a permanent life staple.

One way that microblading is different from permanent makeup is that is attempts to mimic the way our hair appears on our eyebrows. It’s all about the strokes. For anyone performing the process, you’ll see that they’re creating a series of strokes along the eyebrows because they want the ink to appear as if they’re sitting on the skin like hair. When comparing this to permanent makeup, this will already give you a more natural look.

The most significant difference between microblading and permanent makeup is easy. Microblading is NOT permanent. Microblading is meant to be long-lasting, but it is not something that will last your entire life. This process is expected to last anywhere from 1 to 3 years.

For those looking for a permanent, one-time solution, microblading might be tiresome for you. In order to keep the areas looking fresh and sleek, routine touch-ups are recommended. For those who don’t want to be tied into a particular look and want to change as the trends do, this would be perfect for you. By allowing the area to fade, you can always return and ask for a new eyebrow shape.

If you’re tired of having thin, faint eyebrows, permanent makeup might seem like the answer for you. While you can be certain that it’ll be there forever, permanent makeup fades in the same way that tattoos do. Alternatively, microblading can fade into nothingness, and while this might be troublesome for those looking to never worry about their eyebrows again, just think about the trends.

Thin, pencil brows were the rave in the ‘90s, but now in the 2010s, everyone’s all about the bushy, feathered brow. Regardless of which procedure you think is best for you, all you need to know are the facts! Permanent makeup is just what it says – permanent- while microblading is semi-permanent and will fade in a few years. Now it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to turn those brows from drab to fleek!