The Best Summer Skincare Tips for Oily Skin (Sweatproof Your Face)

by | Jul 20, 2018

Summer, summer, summertime! Now that we’re headed straight for the official summer season, you might be excited for casual Fridays, barbecues, and warm weather. If you’re someone who deals with dry skin, you’re probably ready for a break from the dry, cold air of winter.

For those who have oily skin, you’re probably dreading the 90 degree days and high humidity. When it comes to oily skin, it seems that the summer season just exacerbates your condition. If you’re looking to keep your oily skin at bay this summer, check out these skincare tips!


One thing everyone shouldbe doing is wash their face regularly. If you have oily skin, this is something you’re definitely going to want to do during the summertime! Your skin is always naturally secreting oils, and if you have oily skin, it’s doing it more often than the next person. In order to help combat this, you should definitely be washing your face regularly! Oils tend to sit just below the surface of your skin, so as long as you remember to wash your face daily, you’ll help keep these oils from shining through.

For those in the market for a new cleanser, we’d definitely recommend the Jericho Gentle Milk Cleanser. Perfect for daily use, it will help wash away any makeup or any oils lingering on your skin.


While you might want a “beat face” in the summertime, you probably don’t know that your makeup is causing your natural oils to peak through your skin even more! When your skin comes in contact with something warm, your pores open up. If you’re wearing makeup in the summertime, your makeup is probably seeping into your pores which in turn will cause them to create even moreoils. Rather than going with a full coverage foundation, opt for lighter products like BB creams or a tinted moisturizer.


If you’re currently experiencing colder weather, the air is most likely dry. Due to this, you’ll find that most people stock up on creams to combat their dry skin. This usually isn’t the case in the warmer months. Rather than using a cream which will cause your skin to feel oily and lookoily, opt for a lighter lotion that will keep your skin hydrated but free of shine. The Jericho Body Lotion Sheer lineis perfect for the summer. Not only will it keep your skin hydrated and less oily than a cream, but it’s also available in ideal summer scents like mango, pure lilac, and orange flowers.

People with dry and oily skin have different skin issues, but those with oily skin definitely need to watch out for this summer season! Rather than walking around with your skin shining as bright as the sun, tone it down with these steps!