The Best Skincare Treatments for Winter

by | Oct 29, 2018

Now that winter is approaching, you’re probably thinking about all the clothes you have to swap out in your closet. You might even be thinking about decorating your home for the upcoming holiday season. While you might deem these necessary, does your skincare routine fall into this category? Many of us think that we can give our skin the bare minimum and still turn up with healthy, glowing skin.

That’s not true! If you took numerous steps to takecare of your skin in the spring and summer, that’s great, but it won’t make the cut in the colder months. Your skincare regimen needs to be shaken up, and we’ve got just the treatments to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Not everyone wants to have to go to their dermatologist or esthetician to give them the secrets to skincare. For those who would rather treat their skin themselves, there are a few easy tools to do this.

First, you’d need to KEEP your skin hydrated, and this is done from the inside and outside. A humidifier is just what your skin needs in the cold, dry winter temperatures. While the air can often make your skin fragile and cracked, a humidifier will keep the air moist and help keep your skin hydrated from the inside.

While a humidifier will keep you covered from the outside, you also need to tackle your skin internally. This is easily done by drinking water! While 8 cups a day is recommended to keep you and your systems healthy, it’s also the perfect amount for keeping your skin hydrated.

Keeping your skin hydrated is important, but it’s equally essential to PREVENT it from becoming dry. During the cold months, there’s one thing we all indulge in – hot showers. After spending some time in the cold, all we want to do is stand underneath the shower nozzle for an endless amount of time.

While this feels great, it’s taking a major toll on your skin. Instead of those hot, steamy showers, turn the cold nozzle up a bit and settle for a warm shower. This will stop you from drying out your skin.

Many of us like to “do it yourself” while tons of others would prefer that someone just does the work for us. This would lead you to more relaxing treatments that you might get at a spa or done by your dermatologist.

First on the list is microdermabrasion and this treatment is perfect after a long summer. The hot temperatures often leave you with oily, clogged pores. You find finish out the season with deeper hyperpigmentation from staying out in the sun. Microdermabrasion is a skin treatment that will buff and polish the skin while removing the dead skin that has accumulated.

While microdermabrasion is good for rejuvenating the skin, a hydrating facial is the answer to all your dry skin problems. Rather than focusing on a personally crafted regimen of using your humidifier while drinking water and cutting down on hot showers, this facial will give your skin the instant hydration it’s been missing.

After the summer, you might not be walking into the colder seasons with dry skin, but without the proper preparation, that’s how it’ll end. Don’t let that happen! Be sure to use these treatment tips to keep your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.