Summer Fruits You Need to Eat for Vibrant Skin

by | Jul 17, 2018

When the summer rolls around, everyone is trying to protect their skin. Who doesn’t want beautiful, glowing skin that others are envious of? While a lot of skincare comes from the products you might apply topically, half of it also comes from the things you consume.

Hopefully, everyone is aware of the benefits of drinking water. Drinking water can sometimes be a bitboring. If you’d like to spice (or sweeten) up your diet, do it with these summer-perfect fruits.


If you love berries, you can definitely indulge in your love of them if you’re trying to better your skin. With the option of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, these fruits are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are extremely good for the skin and can help with premature aging.


When it comes to fruit, some of your favorite ones might be citrus. The reason that you’d find citrus on our list is because of Vitamin C. One of the most beneficial vitamins you’ll hear about, Vitamin C is excellent. Its biggest benefit is that it promotes collagen production which is what helps your skin stay firm and supple.


Many people don’t know that a cucumber can actually be considered fruit. Anything that has seeds can be considered a fruit so, voila!Cucumbers are extremely beneficial in the same way that citrus fruits are. These water-based green fruits have Vitamin C and caffeic acid, two things that will help soothe any summertime skin irritations. While this is a great fruit to consume, you’ll also find that many people apply cucumbers topically to their skin to help with inflammation and dry skin.


Water-based fruit is perfect for the skin which is why we’re rounding out this list with watermelon. Watermelon is 92% water and its filled with both Vitamin A, B6, and C. These vitamins work wonders on the skin because they help counter free radicals. The combination of the vitamins in water is going to help your skin look younger and fresher.

If there’s one snack you’d probably enjoy immensely during the summer, it’s fruit. Not only are they delicious, but they’re extremely refreshing. Now, after reading this article, you can add that these delicious fruits are also great for your summer skin!