Skincare Essential: Micro-Roller

by | Sep 2, 2018

It’s the cool new tool that is popping up almost everywhere – the micro-roller! This tiny miracle worker has some pretty cool claims following it around. What is a micro-roller, first of all? It’s a small little thing, approximately the size of a shaving razor, has (instead of a blade at its end) a little roller with tiny, exfoliating spikes (not in a scary way!) that smooth the skin on a gentle, micro level.

So just what is all the beauty buzz about? Well, we took a loo, and the benefits are pretty stunning.

Collagen Queen

One advantage of being able to roll a bunch of teeny tiny needles over your skin in quick swoops is that it assists majorly in the induction and production of collagen. Since collagen is pretty key to firm, youthful skin, the micro needling of these rollers works like a charm to encourage anti-aging effects. The little pinpricks stimulate circulation and ‘wake up’ the producers inside, leading to increased elasticity and a healthy glow.

Just how does it work, though? When you roll those tiny little needles over your face and pierce the skin, ever so slightly, the body picks up that there is a puncture and it gets right to work on repairing and rebuilding itself. It does this by producing collagen to fill back in and rejuvenate the skin. It’s basically the same principle that is applied to laser therapy, but at a much lower cost and in a much less invasive way, with a much faster healing time.

Stave off the Scarring

Micro-rollers surprisingly, too, work wonders on fading blemishes such as acne scars, dark spots, and indented scars. By their ability to rebuild that collagen under the skin, micro-rollers encourage skin growth that masks or minimizes the appearance of scars. (Because of this reliance on skin growth, it is important to note that the only type of scars micro-rollers cannot help with are raised scars or keloids).

This same principle works on age spots and fine lines or wrinkles, as new, plump, healthy skin is built up around them to camouflage the appearance.

Effortless Exfoliation

Tiny needles do big things it the smallest way possible, in this case: micro-exfoliation! The little needles, as they travel over your face, also provide your skin with a light exfoliation, as the small needle pricks not only roll away some of the dead skin cells on your body but also allow for and increase the skin’s ability to absorb skincare products that you apply.

Best Micro-Roller Practices

Anything that goes on the sensitive skin of your face should be sterilized, first of all, so it is important, before each use, to clean your roller with rubbing alcohol and warm water to remove any remnants of past applications or bacteria that may have grown.

For the actual rolling process, to cover the most ground and get the most effective results, be sure to hold your skin tight and firm so that the most significant area is covered, and maximum puncture depth achieved. Also, be sure you vary your rolling patterns – do not just go up and down but switch it up with some side to side and diagonal rolls, so you are hitting every centimeter.

Critical areas to hit on your face are the upper sides of your forehead and cheeks, directly under your eyes and on the cheeks, and right around the mouth. This is where signs of aging, such as wrinkles and crow’s feet, tend to show first, as well as being facial areas that are most prone to breakouts.

After you are finished rolling, be sure to apply safe, natural products to your face to soothe the skin and maximize absorption time from the opened pinpricks. A mineral serum rich in antioxidantsor an anti-aging moisturizer are excellent choices to work in.

To help give collagen production even more of a boost, vitamin A and C supplements are excellent additions to take. Continue to use sunscreen, since the outer layer has been opened and activated; your skin is more prone to burning and the harmful effects of UV rays. As with any beauty tools, you should not share your roller with anyone else to prevent contamination and potential spreading of bacteria.

When to Avoid

If you have a history of blood-clotting or are currently using Accutane, you would be advised to avoid using a micro-roller. Additionally, areas of skin affected by eczema, sunburn, rosacea, cold sores, moles, or any kind of inflammation should be avoided by the roller.

Does the micro-roller sound right for you? There are many benefits from using this trendy tool. While tiny needles may sound a bit scary at first to the uninitiated, the results are speaking for themselves and developing a cult of devotees springing up behind the marvelous micro-roller.