Skin Peel Secret Ingredient: Yogurt

by | Oct 16, 2018

With skin peels being all the rage (and for good reason, at that!) the race is on to find the next big secret in skincare and the next, best way to up the ante in skin peels themselves. And with the DIY craze making it easier and easier for us to get our skin peel and mask fix from the comfort of our own homes (and our wallets, too) finding a new secret ingredient is all the more exciting because you can incorporate it right away!

So what’s the magic add we are loving right now? All-natural yogurt! Thanks to its natural properties (we’re talking lactic acids, inherent moisture, etc.) yogurt is an amazing ingredient to keep that youthful look going strong. Thanks to that aforementioned lactic acid both breaking down dead skin cells and tightening up pores, yogurt will give your face that firm, elastic feel and will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, yogurt actually controls and helps slow down sebum and oil production, making it a daily wonder. If your goal is to combat dry, non-oily skin, a yogurt mask or peel can be used a couple of times a week to lock in moisture. Additionally, its natural lightening properties make yogurt peels ideal for fading blemishes and scars, red marks and age spots, dark circles and acne remnants, while also dissolving away that rough, thick, dry skin that you really do not want on your face.

Yogurt’s softening abilities also make a skincare routine incorporating it ideally for irritated and sun-exposed skin. Where UV rays and burns may have left your face feeling some pain and building up some drier skin, yogurt goes to work rejuvenating it once more and soothing your aching face.

Many experts recommend mixing in a few drops of lemon juice or oil to enhance its skin clearing, dark spot facing, and facial tightening properties, but be sure to avoid getting any in your eyes, your mouth, or other especially sensitive areas.

Whether you choose to add yogurt on its own to your peel routine or alongside other ingredients, it is pretty much this month’s miracle add-in for a variety of common facial complaints. Of course, if you are not comfortable with hopping on this dairy trend, all-natural skin peel  containing minerals and no irritants is still an awesome route to go!