Sagging Breast Myths Busted

by | Aug 27, 2018

It is 2018, yet some problematic myths about women’s breasts still persist. At the end of the day, perky boobs tend to be put on a pedestal of youth, and there are any number of cautionary tales abounding out there about how you can prevent your breasts from ever hanging low. Well, unfortunately, a bit of a newsflash: age, gravity, and the ligaments holding your breasts in shape will eventually start stretching out. We take a look at a few of the most common myths below on preventing sagging bosoms and bust them wide open.

Myth #1: Always Wear a Bra

How many of us have heard this one? Wearing a bra will help prevent saggy breasts by keeping the girls locked and loaded, essentially. The truth? There is zero data to back up that claim as time and age will take its toll regardless of if you keep them wrapped up.

The one exception? Wearing a sports bra while exercising will actually help fight against the stretching and tearing that would come from running, etc. without wearing one.

Myth #2: Wonder Boob Exercises

Let’s get this out of the way now: there are no magic exercises you can do to ‘tone’ breasts. Since breasts are made up of fat and fatty tissue and NOT muscle, there I absolutely nothing to work out or to tone – the limit does not exist. You can workout the muscles underneath your breasts in your chest, such as your pecs – strengthening them can work in the background to make your breasts sit a little higher and appear a little perkier, but please know that this does not directly affect the boobs themselves.

Myth #3: The Little Ones Won’t Sag

Whether you are a D cup or an A, gravity is still going to take its toll and pull ‘em down with time. While simple physics will agree that, yes, smaller boobs will show sagging less than larger boobs, rest assured that some drooping will occur.

Sagging breasts are a part of age! If you find your chest drooping a bit, it’s not anything that you have done or have not done – it is simply nature! To keep up a perkier appearance, invest in some quality bras, strengthen chest muscles, and also know – getting older isn’t bad, it’s fab!