Prepping for Winter (All Things Skin and Hair)

by | Oct 28, 2018

Are you saying goodbye to the warm, summer weather? Now that we’ve gone past Labor Day, we’ve unofficially said goodbye to the summer season. Too bad the weather doesn’t agree! We’re still having hot, summer days, but we’re ready to steamroll into the last quarter of the year.

While the temperatures might stay moderately warm in the fall, you can expect that the frigid cold will soon be ready to come out. Are you ready to take out your winter coats and gloves? Before you do, you need to take some time to prep your skin and hair for the winter months. And here’s how!

Change Your Cleanser

While you might think your cleansers work year-round, there’s a chance that they don’t! Your skin doesn’t perform the same in the summer as it does in the winter. For most people, while the summer weather and heat force our skin to produce more oils, the cold temperatures associated with winter makes our skin dryer.

As you prep for the winter, you might find that you’ll need to switch out your cleanser for a more hydrating one. It might be a shock to your skin to branch into a new, powerful cleanser immediately, so starting with the Jericho Cosmetics Gentle Milk Cleanser would be just what you need for soft, silky, and fresh skin.

Switch to Creams

During the warmer months, you’re probably looking for a moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated without making you feel overly greasy. That’s actually the opposite of what most of us need during the winter. In order to prep your skin for the winter months, you’ll need to trade in your lotions for creams. The winter air easily dries out the skin, so you’ll need to boost it with a thicker product.

To keep your skin hydrated, all you need is the Jericho Cosmetics Body Butters in soft, beautiful scents like mango and pure lilac.


If you’re enjoying the warmer weather, your skin is probably hydrated and glowing! One side effect of the winter is that it can make your skin dull and dry! It’s even common to get dry patches on your face and body. To counter this, bring exfoliating into your skincare routine with the Smoothing Body Scrub in three different scents. This will help buff away dry patches and leave behind a smooth surface.

Deep Condition

If you haven’t noticed a trend in this article, winter causes dry skin, and dry skin also means dry hair. Instead of letting your hair stay dry and brittle, start deep conditioning it a few times a week. Applying hair masks will also give you and your hair the love and hydration it’ll probably be missing.

Winter signifies a lot of great things from the holiday season to a new year. Don’t let your skin and hair suffer through this time of year! Use these tips to make sure you survive a cold winter.