Premature Grey Hairs

by | Oct 29, 2018

You look in the mirror and what do you see? If you’re looking at your hair, there’s a chance you’re coming up with grey strands. Now you might think this would be a given if you’re 40, 50, or 60, but what about if you’re in your teens or 20s? While grey hair is often associated with people who are older, there’s a growing number of people who are starting to notice a grey strand at a younger age. If this is you, you’re probably wondering why and what you can do about it. Here’s your answer!

Let’s first talk about greying hair. This process is mostly perceived as our hair just becoming grey the older we get. It’s actually the opposite! “Greying” hairs are called canities, and if you looked up their definition, you’d know what they really are. Your hair is whatever color it was when you were born. It just so happens that the older you get, the more the pigment in your hair starts to lose its color. This is why you might notice that many people have varying shades of “grey” in their hair. While some hairs appear to be grey, many others look stark white. What is the cause of this?

There are numerous reasons to greying hair. Some attribute it as one of the negative effects of smoking. Some believeit to be the results of autoimmune disorders or nutritional deficiencies. While much of these are still considered theories, there is one highly agreed upon reason, and it’s genetics. The fact of the matter is that if yourparents began greying early, there’s a very high possibility that this might be the same for you.

If you’re someone who has begun greying early or you’re not ready to be a “silver fox,” you might wonder what kind of options you have. Well, the obvious choice is to dye your hair! There are millions of people around the world who dye their hair for fun, and then there are millions who do it to hide their grays. While this is a simple and easy method, you’ll just have to remember to touch up your hair every few weeks.

For those ready to embrace their grays, you might try a brightening shampoo and conditioner. Grey hair can often look bland and dull, but maybe all you need is some fresh, bright strands of grey to make you look and feel great!

For the most part, grey hair isn’t something that anyone loves. We can’t all be a silver fox like Anderson Cooper. While you might dislike it, it helps to know that there are literally millions of people around the world whose hair is greying prematurely. Either get rid of it or embrace it! Do whatever makes you feel the most confident!