New Nail Trend: Dip

by | Aug 28, 2018

It seems the world of manicure and cool new nails is always coming up with something new. From ombre trends shiny studs to actual applications that are designed to make the manicure itself last even longer and look even healthier. First came the gel polish disciples and now the nail world is on to something new: dip powder!

Boasting an ability to have your new manicure last at minimum two whole weeks (we’re talking no chips, no scratches, no flaking, no fading) as well as being a bit healthier for your nails than acrylics or gel polish, the fab new dip manicure trend is pretty much a lifesaver for the busy woman. Lying in their own special midpoint between fake nails and a traditional manicure, you can have a dip done at a nail salon or even purchase your own DIY kit for at home nails!

Rather than use abrasive UV rays to lock and seal your polish and color, the dip powder relies on the heavy pigmentation of the powder itself – after you paint on your base coats, and before you swipe on the sealant coat, you dip your nails into a small jar of colored powder to get that brilliant hue. After all is said and done, a dip mani can last three, even four weeks! That’s longevity you just can’t find with more traditional manicure routes.

Now, while dip nails can be easier and healthier overall, you are still essentially coating your nails in something akin to an acrylic for weeks. To preserve the health and beauty of your natural nails underneath, it is best to start – before you get to dipping as well as between sessions – with some basic healthy nail care.

Keep up with some gentle filing to control growth, use cuticle oil to cut down on cracking and general dryness in that area, buffer away to promote blood flow and encourage a healthy growth. If you put in the underlying work, your nails should have no adverse effects from four weeks of hyperpigmentation on them.