Negotiate, Fearlessly

by | Jan 30, 2018

It might seem like we only rang in the New Year yesterday, but we’ve steamrolled through January, and we’re coming up on February! In the workplace, the beginning of the year can be refreshing or daunting. Many employers use the start of the year for an annual review. This is the perfect time to show your boss that not only are you amazing in your role, but you’re ready for that next step! Don’t walk into your meeting empty handed (or minded). If you’re ready to impress your employer and possibly talk your way to a promotion or pay raise, check out these tips for showing your worth!

Bring the Hard Facts

For those of you walking into your annual review with a goal in mind, you need to come prepped with information! If you’re trying to negotiate a pay raise or put your name in for a promotion, your boss is going to have questions. Why do you deserve more money? Why should you get the promotion over your other co-workers?

When met with these questions, allow your reputation to speak for you! If you have remarkable attendance, mention it. If a particular project of yours thrived the year before, remind them. While it might sound like you’re bragging, you are, and that’s okay! More than likely, your boss has multiple people asking for a raise or promotion. When you step into that meeting, it’s your job to set yourself apart from the rest.

Show Your Willingness to Collaborate

At the office, you’ll never hear an employer say that they hate a team player, so prove that you are one! Many ideas bloom when multiple minds are tackling it, so bring some collaborative projects up to your boss. Show him or her that you have spent some free time thinking about how you can best help your company. This will leave your boss with the idea that you are truly trying to improve the quality and status of your workplace.

Learn, Learn, Learn

During your annual review, a good aspect to focus on is your willingness to learn. Every employer wants someone who can help their company grow, and it’s your job to show this! If you’ve attended any conferences or seminars, mention them and what you gained from the experience. If you haven’t attended any recently, schedule a few! Although your resume might be missing them currently, your boss will definitely be interested in hearing how you plan to better yourself for the sake of the company.

Reach for the Stars, not the Sun

Walking into your annual review, you might have a goal in mind, but make sure it’s a reasonable one! If you’re shooting for a raise or promotion, make sure it’s something that’s even up for negotiation. Requesting a raise or shopping around for a promotion that you aren’t eligible for will immediately give your employer a sour taste. Reach for your goals, but make sure they’re actually possible!

Being judged is a cringe-worthy experience for most, but during your annual review, it could lead to amazing things. Stay dedicated, be creative, and form ideas. These will not only help you nail your review, but they might also help you move from your cubicle in the bullpen to your very own office.