I Need More Energy!

by | Feb 16, 2018

Natural Remedies to Boost Energy and Treat Your Skin/ Hair from the Inside Out

There are so many natural ways you can boost your energy and treat your skin and hair.

Throw away all the chemicals and consider a couple of changes to your diet that also function to rejuvenate your hair and skin that have you feeling model worthy.

Read on to see some superfoods that not only provide you with the energy you need but also promote healthy hair and skin:

Omega 3

Consider adding some fish to your diet for not only a health bolt of energy but younger looking skin with decreased acne, and even healthier hair follicles: triple whammy! Other omega-rich foods include spinach, squash, eggs, and tofu. It’s also important to mention that Omega 3 promotes concentration and a healthy heart, so get eating.


The Egyptians had it right when they used oatmeal for their skin. This nutritional powerhouse has multi uses part of a healthy diet that takes longer to absorb, making your energy boost last longer; moisturizes and adds antioxidants to the skin, and softens hair while eliminating dandruff. These are only a few benefits of oatmeal because the full list would be the length of this entire article.


Not only is honey rich in healthy minerals, but it is also free of sodium and fat, making it a solid food for a natural diet. But it’s value does not end there. It can treat wounds, decrease acne, fade scars, and do even more for skin. And don’t forget the effects of honey on hair: mix a teaspoon of honey with your shampoo for some great moisturizing benefits as well as aid in keeping that scalp of yours healthy. Honey really does do it all.


Coconut can provide you with a jolt of energy due to its variety of good fats and fiber. Eat it as is, or drink some hydrating coconut water for some revitalization. Coconuts can also be made into a natural oil and cream that helps eliminate scars, reduces wrinkles, and repairs damaged hair.

Olive oil

Olive oil is not only for sautéing veggies and dipping bread. It can lower triglycerides and improve cholesterol. This super food also works wonders for your hair and skin by reducing split ends and promoting growth for hair, and providing relief for diaper rashes, creating a stellar massage, and moisturizing skin. Another trifecta!


Flax is another essential part of your diet that also benefits your hair and skin. Not only is fiber jam-packed with nutrients and helps regulate your system, but it also maintains healthy hair follicles and helps alleviate breakouts on skin: score.

So put the items above on your shopping list. Not only will you be getting some ingredients for dinner, but you will also be doing a favor to your skin and hair.

In the process, you will also be saving money and naturally boosting your energy inside and out. And we all could use a little perking up while our skin and hair shine!