How to Take Care of Dry Skin in the Summer

by | Jul 19, 2018

If you’re dealing with dry skin in the summer months, this means that you’re probably dealing with dry skin all year round. Our skin tends to be drier during the winter time due to a combination of the frigid temperatures and the cold air. In fact, most people who deal with dry skin during the winter time don’t usually have to worry about this in the summer. Instead of forcing yourself to deal with dry skin, check out these tips on how to take care of it yourself!


Everyone loves to indulge in hot showers. Why? You’d think that 80-90 degree temperatures would keep people from steaming up their bathrooms, but in reality; it doesn’t.

The hot water often feels therapeutic after a long day and many people are unwilling to give it up. If youhave dry skin, hot showers shouldn’t be a norm for you. Hot water actually dries out your skin! No one is telling you to use frigid water, but you should definitely aim for lukewarm.


If you’re applying products like moisturizer, make sure you’re applying it immediately after your shower. After your skin comes in contact with warm water, it opens up your pores. When your pores are open, this makes it easier for products to soak into your skin. For this sole reason, you should make sure you’re applying all your skin care products within 5-10 minutes of getting out of the shower.

If you need something heavier, we recommend the Jericho Body Buttersin scents like mango, orange flowers, or pure lilac. If you need a lighter formula, the Body Lotion Sheerline is a great alternative.


Where’s one place you’ll find millions of people going to in the summer? The beach! While everyone needs a little rest and relaxation with the sun, sand, and water, if you’re a person with dry skin, your beach trip will most likely make it worse.

When people go to the beach, they tend to spend hourstanninginthe sun. If you didn’tknow, the sun soaks up the moisture in your skin. Instead of going to the beach each weekend of the summer, make occasional trips or invest in a beach umbrella that you can take cover under!


In the same manner that you should make the beach an occasional friend, you should make sunscreen your BEST friend. The sun is probably the number one perpetrator of dry skin during the summer months. Rather than allowing your skin to soak up all the sun and UVA/UVB rays, get a DAILY sunscreen. Using SPF 15 and 30 might seem great, but you’ll get the most out of SPF 50. Rather than simply applying it once in the morning, apply it every twohours to keep your skin protected!

If you have dry skin, you might see the summer as a reprieve, but this isn’t always true! Instead of allowing the sun and hot water to make your skin worse, use these tips to keep your skin thriving and surviving during the summer months.