How to Help Your Guy Prevent Shaving Razor Bumps This Summer

by | Jul 19, 2018

Tired of bumpy skin on your guy? There’s tons of maintenance that women have to do, and for men, it seems like the list is tiny in comparison. One thing guys have to focus on is shaving! Every morning millions and millions of men head to their bathrooms to shave.

While they might be hoping for a smooth shave, the aftermath might leave them with razor bumps. No one likes razor bumps, so we’re sure you want to help keep your guy’s face smooth. Check out these tips on how to help him this summer!


Summer is a great time for exfoliating so this is definitely a tip your guy can use to help prevent razor bumps. While exfoliating can keep your skin nice and smooth, it’s not good to over exfoliate. Rather, tell him to use a gentle hand, especially on his face!

Get a New Razor

Never use a dull razor! Dull razors easily irritate the skin which is one of the major causes of razor bumps. Since the razor is dull, he’d have to apply an excessive amount of force to shave the hairs properly, and this will irritate his skin even further. The best way to shave is to alwaysshave with a new razor.

Use Shaving Cream and Aftershave

Some men choose to shave with just soap and water. That’s a big mistake! While soap seems slippery enough, that’s not the kind of base he should use when shaving. Instead of allowing him to damage his skin further, talk him into shaving with shaving cream.

Another MUST is to use aftershave. This crucial product is what’s going to help stop him from getting those annoying razor bumps. We’d definitely recommend the Jericho Cooling Aftershave Balm which should help nourish and heal his skin.

Splash Cold Water

When it comes to shaving, one tip that your guy should always follow is ending his shaving routine with cold water. While warm water is great before because it will open the pores and soften the hairs, the cold water will not only allow his pores to close up, but it will help soothe his skin as well.

Don’t Shave Daily

Shaving every dayis a big NO! Think about it this way. Would you like to take a knife or a blade to your skin daily? Probably not! One tip to definitely give your guy this summer is to move away from shaving Monday through Friday! If he hates the look and feel of growing stubble, talk him down to every other day!

If you have a man in your life, one of you is probably interested in keeping his skin nice and smooth. Rather than letting him spend the entire summer with razor bumps, check out these tips to leave his skin feeling smooth all summer.