How to Do Your Own Skin Care Analysis

by | Oct 27, 2018

Who wants healthy skin?! I DO. You probably do as well. While we’re all hoping for healthy, beautiful skin, it’s not as easy as you think! If you’re dealing with problematic skin, you might be wondering how to solve it but knowing that you have problematic skin isn’t enough!

Could I tell you to give me an answer without knowing the question? The same rule applies to your skin! It’s hard to find a solution when you’re not sure of the problem. Let’s go over how you can analyze your skin!


Skin sensitivity is an extremely crucial thing to know in your skin care analysis because this could affect every single product you use on your face. To test for skin sensitivity, all you really need to do is look at the products you use. If products as simple as a facial cleanseror moisturizer cause a stinging sensation, then you have sensitive skin!


When it comes to skin type, you can fall into three categories. If you constantly feel in need of a moisturizer, you have dry skin. This can also be seen through flakiness, especially on your face. For those who have skin that’s constantly shining in areas like the forehead, nose, and chin, you have oily skin. There’s the last ambiguous category of combination skin where you might have a mix of normal, dry, AND oily skin.


Your skin issues might not always be something you can see, but sometimes, you can feel them. Another step in your skincare analysis would be to simply touch your face. Is it soft and smooth to the touch or is it bumpy? If it’s the latter, you’re dealing with textured skin. For those who are, adding a tonerto your skincare routine will help smooth out your skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and its first job is to act as a protector. With our skin on the outside protecting us, who is protecting it? There’s no way to combating your skin issues without first knowing the issues. Just use these quick, easy tips to analyze what kind of skin you have, and you’ll already be closer to healthier, better-looking skin!