How to Achieve Dewy Skin

by | Apr 24, 2018

It’s no secret that in the world of skin envy, the most desired look is a dewy face – healthy, glowing, moisturized without looking oily, and youthful at its core. It may seem like this look is a lot of hard work to even get in the first place, but, in truth, you can get shining, soft skin with relative ease – before you even get to needing makeup!


Healthy, glowing skin begins with a clean canvas. A good quality cleanser, such as Jericho’s Gentle Milk Cleanser, will remove makeup, dirt, and impurities without damaging the skin or drying it out to set you off right with a fresh, hydrated palette.


Continuing the theme of hydration, select a toner that moisturizes as well as stimulates circulation. While you are encouraging healthy circulation to make your skin glow, you want to continue to make sure you are not drying it out.

Exfoliate (But Not Every Day)

Exfoliation is essential to removing dead skin cells and unleashing a brighter, healthier complexion underneath. In fact, exfoliation is often considered the most important step in achieving the dewy look. However, you will want to be sure you do not overdo it by exfoliating every day, or you can become too rough on your skin and strip away healthy new layers before they are ready to go. Make sure you are getting a nourishing, hydrating exfoliator, such as Jericho’s Peeling Scrub, as well to protect your skin’s health.


Hyaluronic acid in a serum will deliver that final dose of hydration to your skin and help promote elasticity, health, and rejuvenation. It will pull water directly to the outer layer of skin to not only ensure it stays healthy but also looks moisturized – dare we say, dewy? – to the outside.


Before you apply your makeup, use a moisturizer that seeps directly into the skin to soften it without leaving it oily or greasy.


Using a primer will prepare the complexion for application of makeup. It will smooth the pores, lock in the moisture you put into the foundation and keep that healthy glow going all day long.