How Often Should You Change Your Skincare Regimen?

by | Jul 10, 2018

If you’re big into skincare, you probably have a long list of products that you use. In your regimen, you most likely have a cleanser that’s going to help prevent acne. A brightening essence is going to even out the skin while also allowing it to absorb any additional products better. Toners will also help even out the skin tone while also working to reduce any texture.

You might apply a serum that will help reduce any dark marks and hyperpigmentation before finishing the process with a moisturizer to make sure your skin stays smooth and hydrated. When you think about all the products necessary to keep your skin from freaking out, you probably also wonder about the appropriate time to change your skincare regimen, and we’ve got the answer.

The answer like most vague things in skincare is – it depends. Think of the popular phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” This is exactly the mentality you should bring to your skincare. The combination of products you use have their purpose whether you’re trying to prevent acne or lighten dark marks. The only time you should be changing these products is if they no longer work!

Before you decide to change the products you use, first look at your surroundings. Have different things been coming in contact with your skin? Maybe you’ve been touching your face more, or you need to clean off the screen of your telephone.

Another big possibility is that you might need to wash your pillowcase. It is extremely easy for bacteria to seep into your pillowcase and if you don’t wash it on the regular, there’s a chance that it’s causing the change in your skin. If this doesn’t work, start changing your skincare regime through a per case basis!

For those who are noticing an increase in acne, first look into changing your cleanser. If the texture on your skin is once again out of control, aim to replace your toneror serum. If your skin starts to appear drier than usual, you might need a new moisturizer! When it comes to skincare, you only need to focus on changing it if it no longer works! If your skin is thriving and surviving with your current skincare routine, be happy with it and move on!