Hair Hacks: How to Make Your Hair Look Fuller

by | Mar 25, 2018

I call my girl ‘cause I got a problem. Only a curl is gonna solve it.” While Little Mix thinks only a curl can solve their hair issues, we’re here to tell you that there’s quite a few more!

We all want full, luscious hair, but let’s keep it real. Not all of us have it! Even if you weren’t born with thick, full locks, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it. If you need a few hair hacks to help make your hair look fuller, look no further! Check out these five tips.


Can you believe you’ve been washing your hair wrong your entire life? We’ve been taught to shampoo our hair before conditioning, but if you want a look of fuller hair, you need to reverse this process! Shampoo usually dries out the hair while conditioner can leave it weighed down with product.

If you use your conditioner before applying shampoo, you’ll get an all-star combination. Rather than drying out your hair, using shampoo second will wash away the conditioner and leave you with a fuller, more textured look! To clean and strengthen our hair, you’ll never find us without the dynamic duo of the Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner.


After you’ve conditioned and shampooed your hair, in that order, if you’re planning on blow drying your hair, do it upwards! If you’re blow-drying your hair against your scalp, this will force the hair to dry flat and stay flat. For a fuller look, hold your hair up as you blow dry it, so your roots want to stay in that direction!


This is an easy fix to help make your hair fuller! Take a section of your hair, about 1-2 inches and near the roots, comb it towards your scalp. This will give you a fuller look at the top of your head.


Dry shampoo is often used on 2-3 day old hair that hasn’t been washed. After a few days, oils from your scalp begin to seep into the hair and weigh it down. If you’re having trouble with this, dry shampoos are an easy remedy, but for a fuller look, use it on your dirty and clean hair! Dry shampoo often works as a texturizer and can give you a quick, fuller look.


If all else fails, invest in some clip-in extensions! While you might be looking for ways to make your hair look fuller, clip in extensions will make it fuller, in general! Not only will it add body to your own locks, but they can make your hair look as long as Rapunzel’s!

Everyone wants big, voluptuous hair, but unfortunately, all of us weren’t born with it! No worries! Even though you might not wake up with full hair doesn’t mean you have to leave the house that way! Follow these five hair hacks, and everyone will think your full, flowing hair is holding all your life’s greatest secrets, like these tips!