Get Your Game Face On!

by | Feb 17, 2018

(It’s time for The Olympics, so be ready for your guy to ignore you. Here are some things to do to get noticed)

It’s time for the Olympics again, and your man is prepping hard! He even went out and bought a new recliner to prepare for the events. This happens every Olympic time, your man parks himself in front of the tube and watches every event that he can, from curling to speed skating.

You consider yourself patriotic and like the Olympics too, but you also know that there are many other things that need to get done. You also want some more cuddle time that doesn’t involve sappy inspirational stories. Your man doesn’t seem to have the same needs, especially during the Olympics.

Here are three things you can do during the Olympics to get your guy to notice you again:

1) Stand in front of the T.V. and dance

This is not a joke. Although your man may get a little irritated, he will eventually get the message. He will be forced to notice you if you interfere with his line of vision of his sports. If you are capable of pulling off a sexy dance, this might also entice him towards you and away from the skiing event at midnight. You might even have a chance of getting him to leave his recliner and joining you.

2) Dress up as his favorite athlete

Say your guy is a Shaun White fan (a lot are), dress up like that Flying Tomato. Go out and get a red wig, pull that dusty snowboard out from the closet, and show your guy that you are a fan too.

If the costume is decent enough, he will certainly turn away from the tube to chuckle with you. Mission completed!

3) Change up that hair!

Jericho also offers therapeutic hair products such as mineral shampoos and conditioners that feature Dead Sea Minerals and antioxidant oils that will leave your previously frazzled hair looking pristine and rejuvenated. Your guy will be stunned as you take off that hair tie and shake your clean and healthy locks, and he will surely shift his gaze from the slalom event to you!

4) Make Olympic-themed appetizers

We all know that a way to a man’s heart is through food, so make some appetizers with an Olympic flair. Check out these Olympic foods for some ideas. Your guy has to eat, and he certainly will notice you and the gold-medal-mini pies.

5) Exfoliate!

During your man’s Olympic marathon would be a great time to show off your vitamin C enhancing products from Jericho. Their facial products offer you a natural glow and make you appear youthful, which your guy will love. Show your man the reason why Jericho has been a leader in Dead Sea natural health and beauty for the last 30 years!

So if you are feeling ignored during this Olympic season, practice those dance moves, buy a costume, and look up some recipes, because these activities are bound to get your man’s eyes off of the boob tube and back onto you, go U.S.A.!