Foot Crust Removal Hacks

by | Mar 9, 2018

These boots may be made for walkin’, but after you are on your feet all day, calluses and scales building up is an inevitable eventuality. Who wouldn’t want a quick fix to remove and moisturize stubborn rough spots? We’ve got some good tips and products to help you in your quest for rejuvenated feet.

Soak Those Feet!

Treat yourself to a perfect pedicure at home! This important first step, soaking your calluses, will go a long way to softening them easing their removal.

Pour warm water into a leak-proof and heat-resistant basin, making sure it’s hot, but at a comfortable enough temperature that you can safely keep your feet submerged. Epsom salts are an awesome add-in as they have well-known healing properties. But don’t stop there! Fix up your foot bath in all sorts of fancy ways: throw in some lemon juice to add a fresh scent and help aid in dead skin removal, pour in some honey for moisturizing, or throw in some cucumber slices to reduce inflammation.

Moisturize With a Cream

The best way to keep your puppies feeling soft is with regular application of a soothing cream. Jericho’s Foot Cream is specially purposed with minerals and oils to work at softening rough skin from the inner layers out.

Swap Your Shoes

Too tight or ill-fitting shoes can be a common culprit of corns and calluses. If you’re finding rough patches of skin and discomfort in your shoes, consider either switching to more comfortably fitting ones, or, if you’re fully in love with a style, consider stretching them out with a shoe stretcher before wearing them for long periods of time. Shoes that fit well will help new skin grow in and will cut down on irritating those calluses.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Removing those outer layers of scaled skin is an important part of letting the new, softer skin to flourish. Scrubbing with a specialized cream will remove dry skin and moisturize new skin. This Foot Scrub from Jericho is made with natural oils and minerals and features crushed Apricot pits, which are a number one choice for sluffing away callused skin and also providing hydrating properties.

So sit down, take a load off, and rest easy knowing your days of struggling with calluses have a light at the end of the tunnel.