Exfoliating Your Elbows and Knees

by | Oct 16, 2018

We may be suckers for a good sloughing off of dead skin and rejuvenating of fresh new skin, but – Well, does there even really need to be a ‘but’ here? Exfoliation is an important skincare process, and we know it has gotten quite the focus of facial care especially, but let us not forget some other potential problem areas when it comes to fighting off dry skin and daily wear and tear: your elbows and your knees! Exfoliating these dutiful joints is a pretty important process.

Have you ever felt your elbows and knees and had your fingers drag on rough patches? Yup! These poor guys are working tirelessly for you! Bending to walk, turning to type, helping you lift your lunch up – your knees and elbows are some of the hardest working joints in your body, and so, of course, the outer skin will feel a little worn.

Use an exfoliating scrub to rid these babies of dead, dry skin and reveal the healthier, more youthful skin below. A salt scrub, due to its natural properties and its effective yet non-abrasive granules will really do the trick. Consider rubbing in clockwise motions at first, and then more vigorously side to side or up and down to ensure maximum roughness is eradicated. To be quite honest, a little bit of an exfoliating massage will probably feel quite lovely on cracked elbows or rough knees!

After you exfoliate with a natural scrub, it is very important to moisturize. Especially since your knees and elbows are not used to this extra care and are actually pretty accustomed to having a thicker layer of deadened skin on top, sealing in some moisture will be quite necessary. Natural body butterscontaining ingredients such as Shea butter and natural minerals are top of the class when it comes to applying thick hydration to new skin. Butters are also widely touted for specifically targeting dry or cracked elbows and knees as they can be worked into the skin and the richness of the butter moistens without clogging up the skin.

You go about your day taking the utmost care of your body – you rinse your face, eat your veggies, use natural ingredient shampoos – so don’t forget to show that same amount of attention to your dry-prone elbows and knees!