Essential Summer Hair Tips

by | Jul 18, 2018

What is one thing that everyone wants in the summer? Some might say the “perfect” summer body. Others are probably thinking they’d love the chance to go on a vacation. While this might not seem as grand as a weeklong trip in the Caribbean, one thing we’re striving for this summer is healthy summer hair!

This sounds easier said than done because millions of people love to spend their summers outdoors in the hot sun or treading through the ocean or a backyard pool. Your favorite summer activities might seem amazing, but they’re actually taking a toll on your hair! Here are a few tips to keep your hair protected.


In order for a tree to grow, you need to protect its roots and the soil from which it grows. The same goes for your hair! Many people are preoccupied with protecting their hair when they should also be focusing on your scalp! In case you didn’t know, not only is it easy for your scalp to dry out, but it’s also possible to get sunburn on your scalp. Instead of letting this happen, don’t forget to slather some SPF on your scalp when you leave the house.


While shampoo can dry out your hair and you definitely don’t want to shampoo daily in the summer, you should periodically condition your hair! Between the sun, salt water, and chlorine, your summer activities are stripping your hair and leaving it dry. A good conditioner will help balance this. The Jericho Mineral Conditionerwill not only moisturize your hair and make it stronger, but it will also help protect your scalp and hair from heat styling.


For a stylish hairstyle, you’re probably thinking of applying heat to your hair. If you’re going for a sleek look, you might attack your hair with a straightener. For a curly/wavy look, you’d probably spend hours with a curling wand.

Since it’s the summertime, your hair is already constantly surrounded by heat. Adding more heat is not going to help! You might find that you have to apply heat sometimes, but definitely keep it minimal in the summer!

The summer always seems like such a happy time! From the warm sun to the planned vacations, everyone is ready to get out of their houses and have fun. In the midst of your joy, don’t allow yourself to forget protecting your hair!