Does Your Teen Have Good Skin Care Habits?

by | Feb 22, 2018

Acne, BE GONE! Today, we’re kicking acne to the curb. While you might be dealing with your career and bills, if you have teenagers at home, you’re dealing with their ups and downs too!

Your focus might be on the mortgage, but your teen’s entire world revolves around school, their friends, and their image! When dealing with their image, acne is a common factor that can often bring a teen down. Although a lot of it is hormonal, many teens could stop those stubborn breakouts from happening with a few good habits. Does your teen have good skincare habits? If they don’t, here are a few products to lead them on a path to healthy and beautiful skin.

Get a Good Cleanser

When it comes to dealing with skincare and breakouts, acne is so stubborn that it has no gender bias! Luckily for you, these acne treatments work for everyone. First, your teen is going to need a cleanser, and this can be solved with the Jericho Drying Acne Soap.”

If they’re already dealing with breakouts, this will work wonders! One major way to stop a breakout in its tracks is to dry it out! This drying acne soap will not only dry out any pimples on the face, but it will also help them heal.

Start a Weekly Facial Treatment

Whether your teen is a male or female, they’re probably hugging all of their friends, sweating during gym class, and participating in a few clubs and extracurricular activities. By the end of the day, you can be sure their skin has excess oil, and if it does, stubborn blackheads are probably appearing on their face. For these teens, we’d recommend the Active Mud Mask.

Nowadays, everyone is applying masks, and there’s a reason for it! This active mud mask will help absorb the excess oil on your teen’s face while also clearing away those irritating blackheads.

Keep the Skin Moisturize

Your teen’s concern might only be with the appearance of their skin, but there’s more to it than that! When attempting to clear acne from the face, a lot of the products are drying. While their skin might be blemish-free, you need to make sure it’s healthy with a moisturizer.

This is why we recommend Jericho’s Oil-free Facial Cream. After your teen completes their skincare regimen, following up with a moisturizer is a must. Oily products often seep into the skin and can cause breakouts, but this oil-free cream will leave your teen’s skin hydrated and fresh!

For teenagers, their skin is one of the most important things to them. When they’re dealing with breakouts, it can often feel like their world is ending. Rather than chalking it up to hormones, help your teen develop good skincare habits. With these products, they’ll be on the journey towards healthier and better-looking skin!