Does Prescription Skin Care Works Better?

by | Jul 10, 2018

When dealing with skincare, it often goes like this. You go to sleep with a clear face, but by the time you wake up, you’re dealing with a number of breakouts! Rather than this being a one time occasion, it seems to be the norm now. For most people, the first solution they think of is to call their dermatologist. All they want is a quick prescription that’s going to help them kick acne to the curb.

Although these people might want a quick prescription, there are millions of people who would rather take care of it themselves. While you might find that people self-medicate in an assortment of ways, one significant way that people choose to do this is with their skincare regimen. Whether you’re looking online or at your nearest drugstore or listening to the advice of your dermatologist, everyone wants to know – does prescription skincare works better?

We sometimes like to wait until the end to give you a clear answer, but today we’ll spare you! When it comes to whether prescription skin care products work better, the answer is that it depends! There are a few key ingredients in skin care products that are going to separate them from the rest. Tretinoin is a product that’s going to help treat acne. Beta-hydroxy acid, more commonly referred to as salicylic acid, is an exfoliant that helps with both acne and texture.

For those dealing with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, you might find that your skincare needs a bit of hydroquinone. These three ingredients are some of the most crucial to any skincare routine, and the truth is, you can buy them almost anywhere.

If you’re debating between prescription skin care or buying the products yourself, there’s going to be one major difference. If you’re getting the product prescribed, it would be by a licensed physician whose been through years of training and treating other patients. While this might be a deal breaker for some, this isn’t going to make the products work better! Skincare is a science, and the ingredients should work whether you went to the pharmacy to pick them up or if it was on your shopping list at Sephora.