Doctor Approved Facial Exercises You Must Try

by | Feb 24, 2018

It turns out that just like the rest of your body, your face needs exercise too. If you want to look a couple of years younger, then it might be time to start a face exercising routine to tone those muscles and prevent wrinkles. It’s worth a try and is certainly a safer option than Botox.

Doctors even agree that these simple facial exercises are good for toning muscles and maintaining healthy skin. Here are some simple facial exercises to get you started

Stick Out Your Tongue!

Seriously. Open your mouth as wide as you can and then stick out your tongue, then repeat. This exercise stretches out your mouth muscles, and yes, even your tongue needs a workout too. Yes, you may look a bit comedic, but this facial exercise will move you one step closer to feeling young again.

Scoop Your Jaw and Move That Lower Lip

Try scooping down your jaw and curling your lower lip around your upper lip. You might even hear a little bit of crunching since your jaw is one of those body parts that gets neglected when it comes to exercising, so start toning it now!

Raise Those Eyebrows

Don’t forget the upper half of your face. A quality exercise to focus on this part of your body are eyebrow raises. Think about it: calf raises tone your calfs and legs, eyebrow raises tone the upper half of your face: score! Just raise those eyebrows slowly and pause for a couple of seconds each time, and your face will thank you later.

Smile and Raise Your Upper Lip

Smiling is not only good for your emotional health; it helps with your physical health too. Try smiling and freezing for a couple of seconds then push down your upper lip over your teeth. Repeat this action several times to target those lower face muscles that probably only get warmed up when eating and talking.

So what are you waiting for? These exercises don’t even require you to leave your couch! But according to many doctors, these few simple facial exercises could go a long way to maintaining your facial health. So why not get started now?