Do Stretch Marks Ever Really Go Away?

by | Aug 1, 2018

Do you have stretch marks? Where are they? You might find stretch marks on your sides. Maybe you have some littering your back or buttocks. If you’re tall, you might see them scattered across your knees.

While you’ll find that millions and millions of people have stretch marks, it’s definitely a growing feeling that many people wish they didn’t. Tons of people rub products on their skin with the hopes that they get rid of stretch marks, but do they really work? Are you ready to find out?

Let’s first discuss how stretch marks form. They form from rapid stretching of the skin. If you put on weight in a short amount of time, you might find stretch marks building on the part of the skin that has excess fat. This is usually in the abdomen, back, upper arms, breasts, and thighs. If you’re tall, you might find stretch marks on areas like your knees and the back of the knees.

For women who are pregnant or have been pregnant in the past, you’ll notice that stretch marks come with the territory of being pregnant. Stretch marks can appear on any part of the body, but what people really want to know is, do they ever really go away and how?

Unfortunately for most of us, stretch marks aren’t something that goes away. While you’ll find that there are quite a few different methods to help their appearance, you won’t be able to find a reliable product or process that will permanently rid your body of then. Instead, you’d have to try a series of products or processes to minimize or lighten their appearance.

There are tons of products and methods that people employ to try to make their stretch marks go away. Some might choose to rub moisturizers on their skin like cocoa or shea butter which are known to help lighten the appearance of stretch marks. Dry skin helps make the appearance of stretch marks worse so moisturizing will definitely help. Others might go to their dermatologist and get a prescription for a topical cream. For those who are ready to go for a more extreme method, there are laser procedures that will help lighten their appearance, but it won’t completely remove them!

Stretch marks are a hassle, and millions of people are trying to figure out ways to lighten them or get rid of them. In your search to deal with stretch marks, it helps to know that manypeople have them and that you should love your body regardless of your stretch marks!