Choosing a Dermatologist

by | Nov 13, 2018

What’s the largest organ of the human body? If you don’t know the answer, most people’s minds would gravitate to the seemingly more “important” organs or the body. You might guess the heart, lungs, or the brain. Some might even guess the kidneys or liver. Your mind is probably conditioned to choose internalorgans.

What if we told you that the largest organ of the body is the skin? Seems pretty obvious now, right? The skin is responsible for protecting the entire body and almost works magically. You can get a cut and your skin immediately begins making moves to heal it. Amazing, right?

When we think of our regular doctors, they probably include a general physician and a dentist. If you tell someone that you haven’t gone to the dentist in years, they’ll most likely look at you in shock. If you tell someone you’ve never been to a dermatologist, they might not even bat their eyes.

Why is that? Your skin’s sole purpose is to make sure it’s taking care of the body, so shouldn’t you take care of it? You probably spent time trying to find the perfect general physician, but you should also put that focus into finding a good dermatologist. And here’s how:

Feel Free to Shop Around

Many people feel that once they’ve done to a doctor, they’re stuck with them. That’s definitely not true! If you find one dermatologist and you’re not loving the service, feel free to switch. Some people even feel nervous when going to the doctor and that’s a clear sign that they’re probably not the doctor for you!

Consider Gender 

When you go to your doctor for an appointment, you should definitely be comfortable. Remember, your skin covers your entirebody so if you’re not comfortable with a doctor of the opposite sex examining you, take that into consideration.

Get a Referral

It’s often hard to get just pick a doctor from the internet. If you’re going in blind, you probably searched based on your location. Instead of using Google to pick your dermatologist for you, ask the people in your circle like friends and family for recommendations.

Your skincare is important which means so is choosing your dermatologist. Just remember that you don’t have stick with the first one!