Can You Get Rid of Crow’s Feet?

by | Jun 16, 2018

Are you a bird? You’d probably easily answer no, BUT do you have bird features? While you might think we’re talking about a beak or beady eyes, no, we’re talking about crow’s feet!

This is a sign of aging that affects EVERYONE. Thought to be the effects of someone’s vibrant character, they appear as wrinkles on the outside of one’s eyes. Why? Rather than allowing yourself to definitely get crow’s feet or make them worse, let’s discuss if there are steps you can take to get rid of them!

When you think about your skin, it covers your entire body, but all skin is not created equal! While you can expect thick skin on areas like your back and legs, your skin is 3-5 times thinner around your eyes. Because of this, the areas around the eyes are extremely susceptible to wrinkles or in this particular instance, crow’s feet, but what causes it?

If you’re dealing with skincare issues, you should look at it first as a means of prevention rather than treatment. This requires taking all the necessary measures to help prevent or delay the onset of an issue or condition. One of the major causes of crow’s feet that is uncontrollable – your facial expressions!

Anytime you make a particular face; you can be sure that your eyes are following in movement. The only way you could prevent this particular reason is if you never move your face! This in conjunction with aging and smoking can lead to crow’s feet, but once you have crow’s can you get rid of it?

Treating wrinkles after they occur is always harder, but there are methods and steps you can take to smooth out a few lines and make them appear better. One method would be through micro-needling. A process that should be done by a professional, micro-needling, in a nutshell, allows the skin to renew itself. During the procedure, the needles are essentially injuring the skin but starting a process that will allow the skin to heal itself.

Microneedling might seem a bit extreme for some, but if it is, invest in a good eye cream! We recommend the Jericho Lifting Eye Gel. Not only will it keep the area moisturized, but it will also help the skin maintain its elasticity while helping to reduce and prevent crow’s feet.

Don’t let your crow’s feet keep you from living your best life! If you’re still young and have yet to develop them, take the necessary steps to prevent them. For those who now have crow’s feet, use these tips and talk to your dermatologist about what you can do to get rid of them!