Benefits of Green Tea for Your Skin

by | Nov 19, 2018

OK, our first thought when we hear ‘green tea’ tends to be dictated by our taste buds, but this little miracle leaf is not only good for a tasty, caffeinated brew or a drink to help center your zen. No, green tea also has some pretty amazing effects and benefits when it comes to your skin, too!

Antioxidants – EGCG

You have surely heard all about these amazing components with their virtues being extolled countless times, Well, get ready to hear about them at least once more because green tea is chock full of them and they are heroes for your skin.

A particular antioxidant, EGCG, is found in green tea and its superpower is fighting back against DNA damage that UV rays cause to your skin. Not only does this help protect potential effects from skin cancer, but this means it contains anti-aging properties that keep your skin firmer and less likely to sag. It also helps flush out toxins that clog up your pores.

Antioxidants – Catechin

Ready for another antioxidant? Catechins are a polyphenol that act as an anti-inflammatory and have been shown and proven to reduce skin inflammation.


Speaking of reducing inflammation, drinking green tea can also help reduce acne inflammation, which in turn leads to clearer, smoother skin while fighting the severity and frequency of breakouts.


Drinking green tea generally tends also to improve skin elasticity, which leads to a younger looking complexion overall. Additionally, it has been known to help regulate and decrease hormonal activity, which also aids with keeping your skin clear and free of blemishes. Thanks to vitamins A and B, green tea is a naturally occurring health drink that delivers much-needed antioxidants and vitamins to your body.

Use It Topically!

The benefits of green tea do not end with simply drinking it – green tea is an excellent addition to your skincare routine, too! Wrap the steeped tea leaves in cloth (or save steeped teabags) and rub them gently across the face for direct application to help attack acne, soothe sunburn, reduce redness and more.

Leave steeped and cooled teabags to sit on your closed eyes for a few minutes if you are fighting some eye puffiness, and you should see a marked difference in irritation and a reduction in swelling.

So, whether by the glass or on the face, green tea is a sweet-smelling and delicious tasting way to help your skin health!