All You Need to Know About Body Peels

by | Nov 19, 2018

You may have heard your friends rave about them or read in your favorite beauty blog a rundown on all their virtues, but just what is it about body peels that make them so trendy? In fact – just what is a body peel? We’ve taken a look at the ins and outs of chemical and body peels and compiled a handy rundown for you all in one place.

What Does a Body Peel Do?

Just like the facial chemical peels you are probably familiar with, full body peels are used for pretty much the same reasons, only with a formula that is kicked up a bit of a notch. Both professional peels and at-home options are used with the goal of regenerating healthy, youthful skin growth. Generally, they are used to target a wide range of skin issues including rough patches, wrinkles, acne, and acne scarring, uneven tone, dry areas and more.

What Is a Peel Anyway?

Chemical peels used for both full body use and facial use are all based in exfoliating and skin-boosting acids, however, the peels used for the body tend to be more concentrated.

Why Choose a Peel?

Well, for one, body peels tend to be better for your skin. They are not abrasive or rough on your skin like exfoliation can be. They also are multi-purpose and multi-functional, so you are accomplishing a bunch of skin tasks in one go. They exfoliate, hydrate, kill bad bacteria, rejuvenate bright skin, etc. without you having to go through multiple treatments.

How Does a Body Peel Work?

It’s pretty simple actually. Despite being called a ‘peel’ you do not necessarily end up peeling things off. You can opt for a chemical peel body lotion that you rub onto your skin and leave – the chemicals get to work on their own ‘peeling’ away bad cells. Or you can opt for one in wipe form – simply rub all over your body and then hop in the shower. You could go the spray-on route which works as a natural exfoliant that you then merely wipe off with a washcloth.

The bottom line: body peels aren’t that different from facial peels and the results not only speak (and show off) for themselves, but you knock out a number of skincare steps in one single go.