A to Z Guide to Beauty Oils

by | Oct 17, 2018

Essential oils are enjoying something of a renaissance lately – and for a good reason! Truly all natural, possessing delightful scents, and having unique and time-tested health benefits, essential oils are becoming more and more a necessity for any good beauty routine. But just what oils are best for what? We break it down, oil by oil and use by use for you here!


Lavender oil – This French flower provides excellent hydrating oil for dry skin. Both its smell and its moisturizing properties are soothing and shouldn’t irritate the skin.

Tea tree oil – Long touted for its skin clearing properties, tea tree oil contains natural antifungal and antibacterial elements, making it ideal for fighting off acne-causing bacteria as well as cleaning and treating cuts and scrapes!

Neroli oil – A boon to oily and sensitive skin, neroli oil smooths fine lines and tones the skin to fight the effects of aging while regenerating cells thanks to a chemical it contains, Citral.

Chamomile oil –On the other side of the spectrum, the chamomile flower not only has a pleasant smell but is an excellent oil for balancing the complexion of already oily skin.

Frankincense oil –Do you have sensitive, acne-prone skin? This essential oil is naturally antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory and so works miracles for reducing pores, calming redness, and fighting breakouts.

Vetiver oil– Another great oil for fighting the battle of the breakouts, vetiver oil is also very gentle on oily or sensitive skin, so it works on clearing your face without adding any new irritation.

Rose oil – Does your skin fall somewhere in between types? Rose oil is excellent for combination or middle of the road skin in enhancing a clear and glowing complexion. As an added bonus, its scent is light enough not to be overpowering but still smells like a garden dream.

Lemongrass oil – With a bright, fresh smell, this oil also is an excellent astringent, meaning it is essentially nature’s toner for your skin and it puts in the hours to brighten your glow!

Cypress oil – Another fantastic astringent, cypress oil also helps reduce the appearance of swollen blood vessels to give your skin a more even, smooth look.

Patchouli oil – For oil that tightens and tones the skin (thus turning back the hands of time a bit), patchouli oil excels. It aids in new cell growth and promotes elasticity for a younger, more taught looking face.

Carrot seed oil – A rejuvenating oil if ever there was one, carrot seed oil works on a cellular level to smooth skin and promote cell regeneration. If you’re looking for anti-aging wonders, keep an eye out for carrot seed.

Myrrh oil – If you have dry or chapped skin, a little myrrh oil can go a long way to soothing it and helping your epidermis retain lost moisture.

Orange oil – Besides smelling absolutely wonderful (and maybe making us all a little thirsty for some OJ), orange oil is a great product to use on oily skin as it helps tone, reduce redness and blemishes, and, since your skin does actually need some oils, it adds its presence enough not to dry you out. 

Lemon oil– Another citrus winner, lemon oil is an excellent option for diminishing redness, blemishes, dark spots, etc. Containing high acidic properties, lemon oil acts as a gentle, safe bleaching agent and lightens the appearance of discoloration over time. Plus it smells so fresh!

Basil oil– Spicy, bright, and powerful! Basil oil is actually a very effective soother, and it can help to fight the itch and inflammation of insect bites. It is effective yet gentle, and so ideal for more sensitive skin types, too.


Peppermint oil – Of great use for fine or thin hair, a little bit of peppermint oil incorporated into your routine encourages hair growth as well as hair retention.

Rosemary oil – For drier hair, rosemary oil will help hydrate your scalp and purify your hair, while also making sure you smell fresh and inviting.

Sandalwood oil– Do you suffer from dry, damaged ends? Sandalwood oil can help soothe and moisturize them while giving your hair a light, pleasant smell as well!

Cedarwood oil– This woodsy smelling essential oil is vital for hair growth! Massage a bit into your scalp, and it will go to work on promoting hair growth and stimulating circulation in your scalp.

Clary sage oil– Boasting similar properties to cedarwood, this is another excellent option for a healthy scalp and flourishing hair.

Geranium oil– For hair as strong as a prizefighter, geranium oil is your ringer! It strengthens follicles and encourages damage-resistant strands.

Nail Care

Almond oil – Help keep your cuticles hydrated and soft with a little drop of almond oil. This will soften them and prevent cracking, while also leaving a sweet, pleasant smell!

With natural remedies on the rise and people being more conscientious and caring about what goes into their bodies, we are sure there is an essential oil out there for everyone!