A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

by | May 30, 2018

Let’s talk about makeup – or makeup brushes to be exact. When it comes to the beauty world, there are tons of different products you can apply to your face. There are primers, foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, and a long list of more. While you might find the few who choose to apply their makeup with their hands, most people will use an extensive set of brushes for application.

Regardless of whether you wear makeup every day, once a week, or once in a blue moon, your brushes needto be washed. By allowing them to sit around, you’re giving them a chance to collect bacteria and that’s what will lead to those pesky breakouts. A great rule of thumb is to try to wash your makeup brushes every week. Here’s our step by step guide to quick, easy, and clean makeup brushes.

STEP 1. Get your supplies.

Fortunately, washing your makeup brushes don’t really require buying any outside products. All you need is your brushes, soap, oil, water, a clean towel, and your hand. If you’re feeling fancy, you can trade out the soap with a makeup brush cleanser but this isn’t necessary!

STEP 2. Wet your brushes.

While you might want to go straight into the washing process, you have to wet the bristles first. This allows it to immediately react to the soap and oil concoction you’ll make in step 3!

STEP 3. Make your cleansing mixture.

When you wash your hair, you clean (shampoo) and condition it, right? This should be the same for your brushes. Although many people might just use soap, oil will give more life to your brushes. All you need is about two drops of oil for every teaspoon of dish soap you use. Create it into a small cup to pour into the palm of your hand every few brushes.

STEP 4. Wash those brushes!

After you’ve created your cleansing mixture, pour some of it into the palms of your hand. You’ll then take your brushes and gently swirl them around your hand. Rinse off your washing hand and pour more of the cleansing mixture into your palm every few brushes. Once they are clean, rinse the brushes before gently wringing them in a clean towel to remove any excess water.

STEP 5. Shape them and let them dry.

Once you’ve finished washing your brushes, you may notice that they aren’t in their usual shape. Shape them as best you can and allow them to air dry on a clean towel. Once they’ve dried, they are good to use.

Voila!Now your brushes are clean! While washing your makeup brushes might sometimes seem like a tedious task, it is important to do it! Bacteria are invisible to the human eye so you never know what’s lurking on your brushes. Don’t let your makeup brushes be the cause of your next breakout! Keep those makeup brushes clean and ready to go!