3 Natural Skin Tightening Tips

by | Jul 11, 2018

Saggings, wrinkles, and pores, oh my! As we get older, we start to see changes happening to our skin – changes we didn’t authorize! While you might not notice the differences day to day, you could probably look at your skin right now and see a few lines and wrinkles that might not have been there a year or even a month prior. Rather than allowing our skin to do whatever it wants, we’re planning a counterattack to keep our skin firm and tight! Check out these natural skin tightening tips.

If you’re blaming yourself for sagging skin, don’t! For the most part, it’s out of our hands. Your skin begins to sag for two reasons. One reason is that when your body loses fat, the skin begins to sag! Think about it in weight loss.

Many physicians will tell you to diet alongside exercising so that your skin won’t completely sag. In this case, exercising should be a goal to help replace the fat with muscle. The second reason that your skin will begin to sag is that your body is losing collagen. As you get older, your collagen production dwindles and collagen is what keeps your skin tight and firm. But what do you do to balance your collagen reduction?

If you’re planning to counter the sagging as caused by your loss of collagen, there are a number of natural skin tightening treatments you can do.

Drink Water

If your skin is hydrated, this is one step that will help prevent your skin from sagging. One bottle of water isn’t enough! Try to drink the recommended 8 cups of water each day to help keep your skin hydrated.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Dry skin is more susceptible to everything, including sagging. Your skin should always be hydrated from both the inside and outside. If you’re taking care of your skin internally through drinking water, take care of it externally by using a great moisturizer. A light but hydrating product, we recommend the Jericho Body Lotion Sheer linewith soft scents of mango, pure lilac, or orange flowers.

Start Using Masks

Relax a bit! Everyone knows that masks are relaxing, so why not relax while also working to keep your skin tight. There is one mask that you’ll always hear about because of the extreme benefits of its ingredients. With a combination of egg whites, which contain the protein albumin, an amazing factor in skin elasticity, and honey, which is a strong antioxidant, an egg white mask is ideal.

Extremely easy to create, an egg white mask is simply a mixture of the egg whites from one egg and two tablespoons of honey. After applying the mask to your face, let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Don’t wait until your skin starts hitting the ground before you try to do something about it! When it comes to skincare, it’s better to focus on prevention than treatment. If your skin hasn’t begun to experience sagging or wrinkles, start early to keep your skin tight and right.